AI-powered, ethical debt collection & recovery

Leveraging advanced analytics and AI to predict and deliver significantly better collections performance for lenders, enabling them to scale confidently

Mida handles all loan repayment needs from collections to recovery.

Where to collect. When to collect. How to collect.

Smart repayment

From card tokenization to direct debits, our AI driven repayment logic, proactively manages potential default.

Omni channel engagement

Our multi channel user engagement pre to post collection leverages multiple data points to minimize default.

Dynamic collections

We increase your success rate with automated data-driven multi-platform, multi-bank variable collections.

Ethical recovery

For debts that are past due, we offer our experienced and ethical recovery technology to empower your field teams.


We quickly integrate with your existing systems and offer real-time reporting and visualization on your company dashbaord.

Proprietary solution

Our proprietary algorithm & advanced analytics successfully predict when to collect, where to collect and how to collect.

Our solutions

Tech-enabled solutions that put humans first



From setting up the repayment instrument on your platform, and dynamic user engagement to variable multi-platform collections, we deliver higher success rates.

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We combine digital collections with a data-driven contact center and field reovery technology to empower your team to locate your customers and collect outstanding repayments.

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Why choose Mida?

Our technology

We rapidly test multiple tactics in real-time then intensify & automate those that successfully influence collections at scale, ensuring we can serve more people faster.

Our data analytics

Our algorithm processes a large data set of multiple user variables to identify trends & patterns that influence how and when we engage pre and post-default.

Our localized experience

With over 40 years of experience in Africa’s toughest market, we combine technology with a hands-on approach and community integration to drive performance

About Mida

We are a blended team of financial services experts, software innovators, and data scientists who believe that sustainability is a key driver of financial inclusion and a thriving credit ecosystem in Africa.

The problem we’re solving

Up to 45% of consumer loans are unrecovered due to technology, expertise, and capacity limitations driving worse NPLs, unsustainable collections practices, and lower credit access.

Our passion

We’re obsessed with driving financial inclusion in a way that is meaningful, impactful and that drives both personal and economic growth.


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